All Appraisal Service

  • Personal Property
    • Hourly Rate 
  • Residential Real Estate
    • Flat Fee
  • Agricultural, Commercial Or Industrial Real Estate
    • Hourly Rate

  • Physical Inspection Of The Property
  • Written Report In Compliance With The Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practices
  • Photographs, As Applicable

Our Firm Offers Experienced Appraisers, With Extensive Knowledge In:

 Personal Property:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Commercial Machinery
  • Household Furnishings 
  • Construction Equipment
  • Silver 
  • Farm Equipment
  • Coins And Currency 
  • Classic Vehicles
  • Oriental Carpets
  • Trucks
  • Firearms
  • Boats

Real Estate:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial

There Are A Variety Of Reasons For Obtaining An Appraisal:

  • Estates 
  • Divorce
  • Business Liquidation
  • Resale 
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Insurance
  • Diminution In Value 
  • Tax Appeal

Our Appraisers Keep Pace With The Fluctuating Market, By Our On-Line Services, Auction Prices, And Extensive Library Of Reference Materials.


Types of Appraisals

Fair Market Value:

  • A price that could be received on the sale of an asset when willing and financially capable buyers and sellers exist and there are no unusual circumstances such as liquidation shortages, or emergencies. It is assumed that both buyer and seller are rational and have a reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.


  • Estates
  • Divorce
  • Resale

Replacement Value:

  • A monetary value necessary to replace property with something of similar origin, condition, provenance, quality and age.


  • Insurance

Liquidation Value:

  • Cash price or other consideration that can be received in in a forced-sale of assets, such as that occurring when a firm is in the process of going out of business. Typically, the liquidation value is less than what could be received from selling assets in the ordinary course of business.


  • Business Liquidation 
  • Bankruptcy